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About Pre/Post-Conference Events

We want to help people enjoy  taiko-related events in Japan immediately before and after WTC by listing selected events on our website as “Pre/Post-Conference Affiliated Events.” 

If you have an idea for an event for taiko lovers from around the world, and you are happy to organize and run it in Tokyo or further afield in Japan, then please tell us about it! Selected events will be shared on the WTC website and social media channels so participants can sign up and add them to their itinerary before and after the main conference dates.


*These events must be organized and run entirely by an individual or organization other than WTC Committee.

*There are no restrictions on the dates for WTC Affiliated Events, but we recommend holding them soon before or after the WTC core dates: November 20–23, 2020.


*WTC will review all proposals. Only approved proposals will be listed as “WTC Affiliated Events.”


Please use the inquiry form to submit WTC Affiliated Event ideas and proposals.


Regarding the events:
Please note that there may be changes to these details.  Please check the 'NEWS' page for any updates.
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