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About concerts

As part of the conference, there will be two concerts held at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (NYC) Main Hall on Saturday and Sunday night. 

There will be two types of concerts: paid-entry and free-admission.

Both concerts will be open to the public as well as conference participants, however priority will be given to conference participants.

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Gala Concert

 Join us for a WTC-exclusive performance that aims to delight and excite one and all. Featuring a cast of leading taiko performers and pioneering groups from Japan and abroad, you'll see the depth and breadth of taiko expression.​

Date/time, ticket prices and performers TBA!​

Location: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (NYC) Main Hall​

*This is a paid-entry concert. Advance reservations required.

Free-admission Concert

This concert will showcase the unique styles of taiko through passionate performances by various taiko groups who are attending the conference.


Date/time and performers TBA!

Free admission

Location: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (NYC) Main Hall, Shibuya, Tokyo

​*Seats are limited for this free admission event, so advance reservations are recommended.

Regarding the events:
Please note that there may be changes to these details.  Please check the 'NEWS' page for any updates.
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