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The World Taiko Conference (aka WTC) aims to hold a  global taiko gathering event in Japan, connecting people from around the world.
The first-ever taiko conference took place in 1997 in Los Angeles, USA.

Ever since, the North American Taiko Conference has been held as a biennial event, for a total of 11 times to date. Since 2016, Europe also has its own annual gathering: European Taiko Conference (ETC). 

Taking inspiration from these two global events and many others,  WTC aspired to hold the first ever taiko conference in 2020, but it became an online program due to the global pandemic. 

Taiko, also known as “wadaiko” (Japanese drumming), originally emerged as a performing art in Japan around 70 years ago.

This art-form continues to expand worldwide, enjoyed by people of diverse cultures and ethnicities, of all ages and any gender.

Today, taiko stands out as a form of Japanese culture that has spread extensively around the world despite its relatively short history.

Two distinct qualities that set taiko apart from other musical instruments are its rich, powerful resonance and the ease with which anyone can make a sound when they first attempt to play it.

Aside from this year’s concert, WTC will continue to offer a multifaceted lineup of events, designed for everyone to enjoy regardless of their taiko experience.

Hopefully in the near future, we will be able to realise an in-person taiko conference event to be held in Japan, and let us continue to push the growth of taiko together in various directions.

Meet the WTC team
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Executive Steering Committee

Executive Steering Committee Chair: 

Tadahiro Konoe 

(curioswitch inc., Creative Director / CEO)

Executive Steering Committee (Alphabetic order) :

Nobuyuki Nishimura   

(NOBU Representative, Producer)

Tomoharu Inoue 

(Inoue Business Consultants, Inc., CEO/

Culture Vision Japan Foundation Inc., Board chairman)

Yoshihiko Miyamoto   

(Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten Co., Ltd., President)

Advisor (Alphabetic order):

Akemi Imai   

(Board Chair, Taiko Community Alliance (U.S.A.)  Member)

Akitoshi Asano

   (The Asano Foundation For Taiko Culture Research, President)

Benjamin Pachter

(Board Chair, Taiko Community Alliance (U.S.A.)  Member)


Jonathan Kirby

  (Artistic Director, Kagemusha Taiko (UK)

  Director, UK Taiko Festival and European Taiko Conference)​

Katsuji Asano

   (ASANO TAIKO U.S., Inc., CEO/ President)

Kazuhiko Osawa  

(Nippon Taiko Foundation, President)

Makoto Shimazaki 

(Professor Emeritus at Musashino Art University)

Tax and accounting advisor:

Sachiko Otsu (Otsu Taxation Office

Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee Chief Coordinator: 

Nobuyuki Nishimura

Organizing Committee Coordinator:

Yui Kamiya

Organizing Committee (Alphabetic order)

Ami Akimoto

Atsushi Sugano 

Kohei Inde

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