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​Volunteering for the Conference

We are seeking volunteers to assist event staff with various tasks at WTC. If you can lend a helping hand before, during and after the event, we would really appreciate your help! There will be various ways and time slots that we will require your support.

If you would like to volunteer, please complete the “Volunteering Form”. In the form, please let us know your strengths and skills as well as when you would be able to offer your time. 

Volunteer applications now open!

Work description: 

Volunteers can offer to assist in various areas of the conference utilising their skills and experience in specific areas related to event management in general.

Application Guidelines:


Application Period:

Jan 3 (Fri) – May. 1 (Fri)*

*Applications must be received by this date

Volunteering Period

Months leading up to the event, during the event (Nov. 21 (Fri)–Nov 23. (Mon) and after the event. (We may ask you to attend an information session on Nov. 19 (Thu))

Who can apply?

Welcoming anyone over 18 years of age.


Volunteers are not paid but may receive meals or a meal allowance depending on their shift(s).

*Please arrange your own concert tickets, transport, and accommodations

Selection Notice

We will contact applicants by Jun. 1 (Mon) regarding the volunteer positions.


*Please note that:

1. We may not be able to accept all applicants.

2. WTC Committee cannot accept any responsibility for any incidents/accidents that are not covered by the insurance arranged for volunteers at the conference.

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