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Regarding the events:
Please note that there may be changes to these details.  Please check the 'NEWS' page for any updates.
About Activities

There’s a wide variety of taiko drums and playing styles in Japan and around the world. When you hear “taiko conference,” you might expect lectures and workshops where an instructor imparts their knowledge and teaches technique. But WTC would like to take a different approach.  At WTC, everyone will take part in “Activities” that are designed so participants can really get to know each other, by fostering exchange on a deeper level.

These activity sessions will be led by facilitators who will support participants on a journey of discovery, learning, and mutual understanding. Taiko is a captivating art form and the facilitators will share their love of taiko, encouraging participants to delve deeper into taiko and the global taiko community.

Over the course of the conference, each participant will take part in the three activities listed below.

Activity Session Types

【Activity A】

Capacity: Approx. 10 people

Content: Time for meaningful exchange in a small group where participants will get to know each other through activities centered on playing taiko and conversation.


【Activity B】

Capacity: Approx. 30 people

Content: A rare opportunity to learn about a selection of traditional Japanese performing arts.

【Activity C】

Capacity: Approx. 30 people

Content: Jam sessions using taiko and percussion instruments based on different themes. A chance for participants from around the world to enjoy an interactive experience with rhythm and sound.a



The Activity System (and how it works!)

Participants will be assigned to a route that determines their schedule. Everyone takes part in all three activities spread across the conference days.

Route 1: Activity A  → Activity B → Activity C

Route 2: Activity B →, Activity C → Activity A

Route 3: Activity C → Activity A → Activity B

  • When participants register for the conference, they will be assigned to a group of approx. 10 people. Each group will be assigned to a route, which they will follow together from start to finish.

Meet the Facilitators

Unlocked soon... Stay tuned!

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