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WTC 2020


4th Asakusa Taiko Festival

Set in Asakusa, a festival town and hub for traditional arts, this event celebrates the art of taiko, which is growing in popularity worldwide. The festival also aims to encourage cultural tourism in Taito City and revitalize the area. Walking maps, food/drink, and tourist information are easily accessible. In partnership with Nippon Taiko Foundation, taiko groups from all over Japan gather to perform at this festival, and aim to provide performances that are high-quality on a national level.


Date: Tuesday, November 3rd 2020 (Public Holiday)

Start time: 12:00

Planned end time: 15:00

Location: Sumida Park, Sanyabori-Hiroba (by Taito Riverside Sports Center)

1-1-10 Imado, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0024 Tel: 03-3872-3181

Sponsors: Asakusa Taiko Festival Executive Committee, World Taiko Conference Executive Steering Committee

Co-Sponsor (Planned): Nippon Taiko Foundation

Presented by: Kan-hasshu Taiko Union, Nippon Taiko Foundation Tokyo Branch

Supported by:  Asakusa Tourism Federation, Oku-Asakusa Tourism Association, Umamichi District Association of Town Councils、Kiyokawa District Association of Town Councils

Special sponsorship: Nippon Foundation

Special support: Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten Co., Ltd

 Admission Fee: Free (unreserved seating)

Expected Attendance: 2,000 in total

Performers (Tentative): around 20 groups

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