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(Taiko Events)

WTC 2020

Event Name:

Live Taiko Drum Teaching with Ingu & Mel - KIONline

Event date/time: 3-4 dates/month. Check for next session!

Location:  Online, broadcasting from Hamburg/Germany


Description: Join this live teaching session with Ingmar (Kion Dojo) and Mel from the Taiko Bastards. Grab your bachi (taiko sticks) and some surface to play on (a drum if available) and learn about a way of playing taiko that is relaxed, flowing and grooving! Broadcast live from the Soundhafen Studios in Hamburg/Germany, these sessions explore new ways of learning taiko in pandemic times and beyond. Language is English (with some German thrown in here and there). Sessions in November will be FREE. Registration through EventBrite required!!



Event Name:  European Taiko Conference

Event date/time: February-April, most years since 2016

Location:  Europe. Thus far, in the UK and in Germany

Description: The European Taiko Conference is about "Developing the community... developing the art form." People who come to the ETC believe that there are multiple benefits in getting together in a structured and yet relaxed, friendly, collaborative and supportive environment. These benefits include, but are not limited to: • the sharing of ideas and experiences • take-aways that are either conceptual, practical or both • skill-development • making new friends and meeting old ones • building networks that provide encouragement, support, and ideas for future projects ETC is created by taiko players, with the participation of taiko players, for the benefit of taiko players.


Contact: Jonathan Kirby:


Event Name:      International TAIKO Concert nights 2021

Event date/time: 4th + 5th June 2021 in Duesseldorf (since 2016 every year)

Location:  Robert-Schumann-Saal im Museum Kunstpalast (Germany)

Description: Hot on the heels of the preceding Taiko concerts, which met with great acclaim, the unique "Taiko Concert nights 2021" in Duesseldorf will feature superb Taiko artists from Japan and Europe. The event promises exuberant driving rhythms in the style of Japanese Matsuri festivals, breathtaking drum solos, and captivating, passionate beats, both traditional and modern. Experience Taiko drumming in its full breadth, power and elegance when pure energy and emotion engulf the hall and the audience. Gooseflesh is guaranteed! KAISER DRUMS © proudly presents the TAIKO Concert nights 2021 on 4th and 5th June 2021 in Düsseldorf. Interesting Taiko workshop take place in the WADOKYO Dojo.


Contact: / tel: +49-211-4370715

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