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WTC 2020


Thank you to our  Sponsors & Supporters

Our crowdfunding campeign has concluded!

Thank you to each and everyone who supported the event.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your generosity!

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As we have all been staying safe at home around the world,  it is difficult to travel domestically and internationally, and playing taiko has been a challenge for most of us with limited opportunities to perform or to practice.  The WTC committee would like to take this time in learning from each other, and looking back at the journey that taiko has developed over time.  

In the new online format of WTC, we will continue to expand and develop the art of taiko, strengthening the community to seek new ways of connecting with one another. 

In light of these extraordinary times, WTC  decided to make the virtual conference free to attend. Removing the registration fees this year gave us the chance to welcome as many taiko friends as possible to take part online from around the globe.  


Your support helped us run this inaugural World Taiko Conference,  so that we were able to provide a high quality program and experience for all participants to enjoy.

We hope that taiko enthusiasts from all over the world were able to participate, allowing them to experience and gain knowledge that can be brought back to their respective countries and communities.


Leading on from other taiko conferences around the world, we believe that WTC was able to create a place for further international exchange and new learnings to be passed on to the next generation.

With the success of WTC, we hope that people from around the globe are able to connect with each other and work towards creating an abundant lifestyle through various use of taiko.

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