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About the Venue

WTC Main venue: Arts Building

The majority of the events happening during WTC, including concerts and activities, will be held in the Arts Building located near the main gate of the facility.

The building consists of various sized halls and multiple-use rooms.

Details can be found here.

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Service Facilities: Meals

There are several restaurants/canteens available within the NYC facility. During the conference, you will be asked to pre-purchase meal dockets to be used at the restaurant of choice (currently likely to be “Cafeteria FUJI”) We will be requesting you to fill out your request for meal dockets when registering for the conference. 

Breakfast will be buffet style, while lunch and dinner will be set menus (5~7 types to choose from). We believe that this variety will also be suited for people with allergies. 

*Meal restrictions due to religious reasons may be accommodated - please advise the WTC committee when filling out your conference registration form.


The below will be the pricing for meal dockets:

Breakfast:   470yen (Adult)      460yen (child)

Lunch:              560yen (Adult)     550yen (child)

Dinner:           680yen (Adult)     660yen (child)

*Child: elementary / primary school students and under


 Accommodation Facilities: Building A & D

There will be accommodation facilities available at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center. Details can be found on the accommodation page➜


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