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Waraku Soden

Waraku Soden is a music project of up-and-coming Japanese instrumentalists led by

Shogo Yoshii, Taishi Yamabe, and Tsuyoshi Maeda.

Their unique world of music that blends and develops Japanese music

has been highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad.

The ensemble uses a variety of Japanese instruments,

combining with folk and traditional songs from across Japan,

creating a unique world. In a literal sense, “Waraku Soden” means

“passing on the Japanese music through performance.” 

They convey the concepts and notions behind the performing arts

as they have been passed on as a part of local life culture. 

“Waraku” also means “music of harmony.” 

The artistic director, Shogo Yoshii, aims to present the stage

not as a mere collection of different instruments, but as a music ensemble

with his original compositions. In this performance, Waraku Soden will perform

with a special collection of musicians.

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