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Kokoro no Michi

​Song Title:"ARAUCÁRIA - of Curitiba"

(Curitiba, Brazil)

"The composition is about a very typical and regional tree in the south of Brazil, called Araucária. I made this tribute to the tree, once I liked this strong and peculiar tree, which can survive Curitiba City's crazy temperature variation on the same day, where it rains, warms up, cools down...Even with these big changes, an Araucaria can keep standing upright and beautifully."

Composed by : J. Saemi Murakami

Music files (play& download)

Hashtag(s) : #WakabaTaiko #BrazilianTaiko #Araucaria #CuritibaCity #TaikoMusic #TaikoComposition #SaemiMurakami #MusicLover #TaikoLover #BrazilJapan 


​Music Score (download)

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How to Apply:

  • Select 1 of the 3 topics.

  • Film and edit your video yourself.

  • The video must be no longer than 10 minutes.

  • Multiple language support is recommended (Japanese and English).
    (Please provide translations or subtitles yourself.)

In addition to the above , please also provide the following and send via email   

  • Include your name, e-mail address and location (ex. Japan: Tokyo, America: California, etc.).

  • Thumbnail (if available)

  • Texts for the details section of your video (up to around 200-word count for English, 400 word count for Japanese)

  • If video is large, please send through a file transfer service(e.g. gigafile, Dropbox, WeTransfer)

  • Any websites or Social media accounts related to your talk that we can share


Deadline extended until November 14th (Sat) JST* ​

*Japan Standard Time


  • We may not publish your video if we find the content to be inappropriate.

  • Video content is the responsibility of the contributor. The WTC Committee will not take any responsibility for the content.

  • All published videos will be available to the public through the WTC YouTube account. Please be mindful of copyrights for the materials used before submitting. If you prefer us to use a video link already published for public viewing (for example if it already up on YouTube), please include this in your submission.

Submission instructions:

Please send the following to

  • Song title

  • Composer

  • Song description (if available)

  • 1 photo (either of you or your group/ something that relates to the submitted piece)

  • Video or audio file (will be introduced on the WTC Youtube account)

  • Music score (if available)

  • E-mail address (as contact info for whoever that would have questions about your piece)

  • Social media accounts (for social media tags)

  • Hashtags that you prefer to use for future enlistments of the piece on social media

  • Video thumbnail picture ( if available)

DEADLINE for submission has been extended until   Nov. 14 (Sat) ( Japan Standard Time).

各講座紹介 :
【東北の芸能:鹿踊】 講師:小岩秀太郎

東京鹿踊(とうきょうししおどり)TOKYO SHISHI-ODORI

「東京鹿踊」は、2013 年 6 月、首都圏在住の岩手県一関市舞川地区の出身者(行山流舞川鹿子躍伝承者)と、郷土芸能のポテンシャルを信じる有志を中心に結成。300 年受け継がれてきた東北の芸能「鹿踊」を、国際都市東京で「今」をいきるものたちが踊る。 この活動は、鹿踊を通して、2つの地域/過去と未来/人と人を繋ぎつつ、芸能が存在してきた意義と、日本の芸能の未来・可能性を探るプロジェクトである。 多国籍・多世代・多分野にも対応したワークショップや、芸能風土を旅する体験・場づくり・モノづくりをプロデュースしつつ、芸能を通した地域や人との継続的な関わり方や魅力発信に挑戦している。


【三宅太鼓】 講師:津村明男





【祭囃子】 講師:増田勝明・宮岸良英


image (1).jpg
12729982946141 (1).jpg

【助六太鼓WS】 講師:今泉豊




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