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WTC 2020

As part of the online conference this year, we are streaming two taiko documentaries for a limited time.


These films give an overview of the history of taiko around the world and cover the perspectives of various people that have been involved in the spread of this art-form. Both films have been produced overseas and are a great way to find out about how taiko spread from Japan to certain parts of the world.

This will be a special online screening available for a limited time,

so please make sure you don't miss the chance to watch these amazing films!


Free to view online :  Nov.  7th (Sat) ー Nov. 22  (Sun) (Japan Standard Time)

​<The free streaming has concluded>


Taiko Film is a documentary that introduces us to the enthralling world of Taiko. We will learn about its origins, history and evolution throughout centuries, its many applications and styles, its expansion to the world and its influence in modern culture, both Eastern and Western.

The documentary includes interviews with relevant taiko figures, as well as other personalities related to this artistic discipline, and performances of several groups and styles.


The project is an ode to Music in general, and to taiko in particular. A praise for music’s best qualities through an instrument with a sound capable of transmitting/ sharing emotions, bringing people together and promoting dialogue.

GENDER: Documentary

FORMAT: HD- 16:9- Color.

SHOOTING LOCATIONS: Japan – United States – Spain- Argentina

RUNNING TIME: 74 minutes

LANGUAGE: Original version with subtitles in English/ Spanish/ Japanese

Documentary Viewing

The free streaming of this documentary has concluded.

We hope you enjoyed it!

For those who imssed it, or would like to see it again, you can purchase the film through the below link!

Purchase the Film

The film will be only available to watch for free for a limited time only during WTC.

If you would like to watch the movie anytime, we recommend purchasing the DVD available from the below site:


TAIKO FILM Online Purchases

Support the Film

This amazing documentary will be available to watch for free for a limited time during WTC.

If you enjoyed the film or/and want to support the team behind the creation for future projects, you can offer your support!


​Donate through Ko-fi website

Taiko Film

Free to view online :  from Nov. 11th (Wed)  (Japan Standard Time)

↓↓↓Now Available to Watch!↓↓↓


With its thunderous rhythms and high energy, taiko is a powerful and enormously popular style of group drumming. "BIG DRUM: Taiko in the United States" was produced for the exhibition of the same title at the Japanese American National Museum in 2005.  It features America's taiko pioneers and documents, through interviews and rare film and video footage, the ongoing transformation of this dynamic performing art.


Group taiko performance only developed in post-war Japan and the United States, and Japanese Americans played a major role in its growing popularity. With few models to follow, the original three Nikkei groups in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Jose built their own drums, created their costumes, and wrote their own music. The result was the original three groups in 1973 grew to over 250 groups throughout North America. In 2005, the exhibition, "Big Drum: Taiko in the United States," explored the growing phenomenon of taiko (Japanese drum) ensemble performances through the use of several media presentations, historic photographs, artifacts, and interactive activities.


Among the many groups included in the film are San Francisco Taiko Dojo, Kinnara Taiko, San Jose Taiko, Denver Taiko, Midwest Buddhist Temple Taiko Group, Soh Daiko, L.A. Matsuri Taiko, Shasta Taiko, Satori Taiko, Kogen Taiko, Kokyo Taiko, Hawaii Matsuri Taiko, Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble, Maui Taiko, Zenshin Taiko, Zenshuji Zendeko, Nen Daiko, Hoh Daiko, Sacramento Taiko Dan, and TAIKOPROJECT.

hes to Visit.png


How do you play taiko if you live in America and don't have access to Japanese taiko drums? This short documentary explores the ingenuity and determination of American taiko groups during the late '60s and early '70s that led to the creation of homemade taiko drums and sparked a cultural revolution.  


This film was produced by JANM's Frank H. Watase Media Arts Center for the Japanese American National Museum's 2005 exhibition, "BIG DRUM: Taiko in the United States," and includes taiko drum maker Mark Miyoshi, San Francisco Taiko Dojo, Kinnara Taiko, San Jose Taiko, Zenshin Daiko, Denver Taiko, Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble, and Kokoro Taiko.



Taiko in the United States has its roots in the many obon celebrations throughout the country. This short film was produced for the Japanese American National Museum's 2005 exhibition, "BIG DRUM: Taiko in the United States."  It features bon odori events at Mantokuji Soto Mission (Paia, Hawai'i), Senshin Buddhist Temple (Los Angeles), and Denver Buddhist Temple.

Documentary Viewing

Please click on the below link to watch the documentary.

"Big Drum" (main program)

 "Making American Taiko"

"Gathering of Joy"

"Big Drum: Taiko in the U.S. (intro video)"

Purchase the Film

The "BIG DRUM" DVD is available to purchase  from the below site:


​"BIG DRUM" DVD Available here

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