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WTC 2020

Shinobue Rippei

Shinobue Rippei makes fine shinobue (bamboo flutes) combining the beauty of lacquer and precise tuning.  

The shinobue are presented with unprecedented sound quality by applying structure hinted by Western musical instruments. 

Shinobue Rippei flutes are used by many musicians, both professionals and amateurs. 


The company is a sponsor for "Shinobue Festa", "Online Shinobue Contest" and "Fue-Dan: Amateur Shinobue Orchestra", and released Shinobue Music Score, available for download online.

The company not only focuses on shinobue production, but also focuses on supporting events, projects, and services that help shinobue to be used to a wider population.  


In 2018, Shinobue Rippei released Tamaki, a fue made with a mixture of bamboo scraps and glass fiber in 8-hon choushi (#8).  

The company is engaged in donating this product to taiko club students in middle schools and high schools all over Japan, as well as Japanese schools in India, Brazil, and Australia.  

A new material shinobue, Tamaki, in a 6-hon choushi (#6) is expected to be released in Fall of 2020. 

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